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Providing high quality, reliable sewer cleaning nozzles and sewer cleaning equipment to the water and waste management industry

WWETT Show 2020

Come join NozzTeq® at the 2020 WWETT show in Indianapolis, IN. February 17 - 20. Our knowledgeable staff will help you learn about our full line of wastewater equipment solutions.

11 Years in the sewer Cleaning Industry

Celebrating 11 Years in the Sewer Cleaning Industry

Quality Sewer Cleaning Nozzles and Water Jetter Nozzles: Built To Last

Clean sewers better, faster, with fewer passes and less fuel; that’s what science is for! NozzTeq® sewer cleaning nozzles and sewer cutters are the best engineered sewer equipment available; we have been first-to-market with truly innovative equipment that effectively channels the jetting power of today’s trucks, and our unique, patented jetter nozzles and cutters solve real problems for private and municipal sewer maintenance professionals


NozzTeq® Accessories Focus on Maximum Power

  • Our water jetters move debris, grease, tuberculation, and other blockages downstream quickly and completely.
  • Our products get the work done with fewer passes.
  • We design custom cleaning packages that solve your daily problems.


Contact NozzTeq® for an On-Site Demonstration of Our Products

  • Learn about our products and how they work.
  • Discover what products work best for your municipality.
  • See first hand our sewer cleaning equipment in action.


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