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Super Goblin™ Grease Eater
Super Goblin™ Grease Eater

Super Goblin™ Grease Eater

Goblin Grease Eater is the original Laminar Flow sewer nozzle with 5/15 Degree jets, 5/30 Degree jets and optional front jet and now there is the option for 4 front jets. Most effective sewer nozzle for grease removal with a fixed jet pattern. Can calibrate the nozzle with the same as other NozzTeq® nozzles to match pump specs and hose length. High Quality stainless steel construction inside and out with optional sleeve. Developed in 1984, this sewer nozzle design is still in use today by many competitors. Goblin Grease Eater has water bearing walls to ensure smooth water streams and less turbulence.

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