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Spinner™ Sewer Nozzle
Spinner™ Sewer Nozzle

Spinner™ Sewer Nozzle

Model Numbers: BLS08, BLS12, BLS16

The Spinner™ series are developed for a flexible and effective removal of grease, smoother deposits, smaller roots etc. They have thrusting jets that are changeable according to your specifications, together with rotating adaptable propulsion 90° and 45° jets. With this you will get a strong water pattern for effective removal of debris. The closer the jet is towards the debris the more effective it becomes. This is probably the most important rule when using a spinning (rotating) nozzle.

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The Spinner™ Sewer Nozzle is the Ideal Tool for Grease Removal

Used for the effective removal of grease, smoother deposits and smaller roots, the Spinner™ Sewer Nozzle features a strong water pattern for effective debris removal.


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