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Multi-Global™ Sewer Nozzle
Multi-Global™ Sewer Nozzle

Multi-Global™ Sewer Nozzle

Model Numbers: GLB-1/2, GLB-3/4, GLB-1

Multi-Global™ sewer penetrating nozzle is a spin off from the Ice Bear™ nozzle but this one has replaceable orifices. The Multi-Global™ sewer nozzle can be setup in multiple configurations without purchasing different nozzles.
It has up to 6 rear jets and 4 front stainless steel jets that can have penetrating capabilities or just general sewer cleaning nozzle with no front jets.This sewer nozzle has a short design with a beveled edge to get in those hard to reach spots. The pipe cleaning nozzle can be used with most nozzle extensions available on the market. We also carry our own line of nozzle extensions or sleds.

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