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jaws 100 sewer nozzle
Jaws® 100 Sewer Nozzle - 7 Year Limited Warranty

Jaws® 100 Nozzle

The Jaws® sewer nozzle may be our most sophisticated sewer nozzle, with scientifically designed conduits and spray angles that produce highly efficient, maximally powerful jetting streams at the nozzle end of the hose using relatively low truck-supplied water pressures. That means your crews will clean more pipe with fewer passes, while generating less wear and tear on trucks and hoses and using less fuel.

The patented water conduits in these nozzles preserve the truck-generated smooth, laminar water flows all the way from the truck to final jet stream. This means that water pressure is never compromised by chaotic, turbulent water and you’re always getting the most possible benefit from your truck.

The Jaws® pipe nozzle take advantage of the tightly focused jet streams by deploying them at precisely calculated angles that are much flatter than other nozzle’s jetting angles. Debris is hit at its weakest point and moved down pipe very quickly. In fact, tests show that the Jaws® sewer nozzle is 30-50% more efficient than conventional sewer nozzles.

These sophisticated nozzles are also extremely durable, made of high-quality stainless steel with tough Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) covers that protect the conduits and jets. Jets can be switched as needed to accommodate water flows from five to 265 gpm (20-1,000 lpm)

At NozzTeq®, we believe that good design and a scientific approach pays off with more efficient cleaning that saves time and money. See for yourself with the Jaws® and Jaws 100® sewer nozzles!

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