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Paikert™ Impact Cutter
Paikert™ Impact Cutter


Paikert™ Impact Cutter

The Paikert™/Intruder is a low-speed, high-torque auger cutter designed to clear tough, stubborn pipe blockages like hardened concrete up to 5000 PSI, chemical and mineral buildups, protruding taps, tuberculation, and thick, woody roots. It’s not really for everyday use; it’s for special situations that require a truly effective cutter. Paikert™/Intruder cutting nozzles have been field-tested around the world, and used commercially for more than 25 years. We have complete line of motors available for Rental within 24-72 hours from the date of the order!

We think they’re the most capable cutter on the market. The Intruder’s amazing cutting power is generated by its patented Hydro-Torque impact drill motor which efficiently converts the pressure generated by today’s powerful jetting engines to maximum cutting and grinding power. Its some of the most powerful sewer cleaning equipment available today!

To extend your investment in the Paikert™/Intruder, NozzTeq® offers a variety of cutting accessories, and we will design custom accessories to suit your unique needs. We also offer specialty training if you purchase a unit on site and at our location.

Tough blockages can defeat even seasoned crews, unless they’re properly equipped. Don’t ever waste a day in the field because your truck can’t handle a challenge—get a Paikert™/Intruder and keep going even when the going gets tough

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The Paikert™ Imapct Cutter

See the power of the Paikert™ Impact Auger Cutter, the best cutting tool for chemical and mineral buildups, protruding taps, tuberculation, and thick tree roots.


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